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MoneyFree 1.1 – Viral Referral PHP Script


Support Team
Staff member
MoneyFree – Viral Referral PHP script


Demo site:
Admin Panel:
Admin: admin
Password: passadmin


Responsive design using bootstraps 4 templates
SEO-Friendly URL Structure
Automatically generate referral link for each visitor based on their browser cookies
Social Share
Last payouts list
Contact Form
Site settings
Allow you to set up your website such as Logo, title and website address, description and more.

Referral Configuration

Allow you to set some important settings in the referral system on your site.
With this feature, you can set the rate per visitor, minimum withdrawal threshold, welcome bonus, default status for withdrawal requests, And where the link will be directed after visitor send a withdrawal request. You can direct that visitor to your another main site, CPA offers, or Affiliate link.


Manage any type of ad you want to place on your website.


Create and manage pages on your site, such as privacy policy page, etc.

Make payment; or manage payment requests. You can pay in real or not at all.

Referral ID

Manage all referral links that have been created. You can delete all inactive referral links at once. Inactive referrals are referrals that are never used to invite other visitors.


MySQL (version 5 or higher)
PDO and MySQLI extension
PHP (Min: version 5.6 or higher
Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
GD extension (captcha protection)


Create a MySQL database and a MySQL user (with full permissions).

Extract downloaded file

Open “Upload/include/db.php” with your favorite text editor.

Edit your MySQL database information and save

Import/execute the SQL file located in “SQL_File/import-sql.sql”.

Upload files present on “Upload” folder to your website using ftp or file manager in your hosting’s control panel
That is it. You have successfully installed the script.